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  • So imagine a convoy of converted school buses and tiny houses rolling into cities all over the country. This tour/podcast/reality show will be a fusion of Road Warrior, American Idol, Rock the Vote, and Tiny House Nation. We are on the hunt for the next President of the United States!!! Maybe you don’t want to be President, But would like to run on a local level.
  • We are going to DEBATE all the BIG topics, Abortion, gun control, voting, and free speech!!! Please come Share Your Song!!
  • Our endgame is seeing a third-party candidate get a seat at the presidential debates. The stage is set which is an old NASCAR school bus with a stage on top. My bus is the first to join which is a Schoolie with 2 VW vans on top. This is a call to action asking other road warriors to join the Free The Speech Roadshow.
  • We want to see conservatives & liberals come together and share their political songs. Imagine Free Speech debates in cities and college campuses covering all different issues: peaceful assembly, mass incarceration, homelessness, limiting Congress to two terms, ending the drug war, voting and so much more!!! Additionally, we want to cover issues that have been banned from discussion on social media.
  • Who would you like to see debate, judge and MC on this show? What issues should we debate about? Contact us and let us know



Hope everyone has a fun safe time at Bonnaroo.  Join the Merry Pranksters and have some fun throughout the weekend bringing attention to the new law passed in Tennessee making camping a felony count and the Free Speech Roadshow. 

  • Gather around Centeroo fountain every morning of the Roo for a spiritual experiment.  There will be silent meditation before the bands start playing.  While you’re sitting in silence please write and draw what you see. Looking for ideas of how to help the homeless.  We will break the silence with a parade/dance leading into the opening bands.  We will Tweet and Facebook all events and spontaneous gatherings throughout the Rooo.  Be apart of the show and please tag us in your videos and pictures.  We will use these videos for the Free Speech Roadshow.  
  • Caravan with us to Nashville after the Roo, on Monday 6/20.  We will leave the Manchester Walmart at 11:15.  Meet a the school bus with 2 VW vans on top. Headed to the Titans stadium to ask them to help us build a Tiny House Village for the homeless.  We will be there from noon- 2 p.m. and then walk, run, skateboard, bike, motorcycle or drive your skoollie or float gently down the street.  Come dressed in prison uniforms, crazy costumes, or as you are.  Bring instruments, drums, and your dancing shoes. prayer vigil will last until 6 p.m.  Please come share solutions of how we can help the homeless.
  • We will pick up trash along the parade route while praying to clean up corruption throughout the political scene.  
  • Stay tuned as The Free Speech Roadshow will host a debate on a college campus or other public arena in Nashville.  Invite the Roadshow to your town.  If you are down with the cause put a tent up in your front yard!!!!


More at the Roo

  • What if Bonnaroo had a tiny house village on the festival grounds?
  • Be in the show and tag your pictures/videos on our social media. 
  • Circle up with your friends throughout the event and bring your circle in for a group hug and then come on down with your bad self with ideas and hope to help the homeless.
  •  Bring ideas of pranks and or a blessings for the attendees, workers, volunteers, promoters, bands and community.  One thing we want to do is encourage the attendees to give donations to the workers and volunteers that make Bonnaroo happen.  These are the people cleaning and pumping the shitters, picking up after you, parking, security guards, bartenders and food trucks.   Don’t forget to give money to the guys running around in orange prison rompers, orange t-shirts with Let My People Go.  Be an advocate and write on your shirt.     
  • During Bonnaroo we will Gather towards the back/center before shows start to share instructions of what we are doing. Check our social media for details of pranks and flash mobs planned throughout the entire weekend and beyond.  Come prepared to dance, wear a crazy costume or simply come as you are to join in the fun.
  • We will be hosting workshops during the Roo.  Stay tuned for dates/times.
  • Join in the caravan to the National Rainbow Gathering, in Colorado.  Headed that way after the Nashville Capitol event.  

Help the Houseless 

  • So one of our main goals for the Free Speech Tour is to put a dent in the homeless crisis.
  • What if we launched tiny house villages/hostels all over the nation instead of dumping a ton of money into a political campaign! Imagine how many lives we could change.
  • Do you need a house or want to help fund/build a house?
  • We’re looking for land/properties around the country. 

Peaceful Assembly.

For years people at Rainbow Gatherings have been fighting the Feds over their right to peacefully assembly and have been refusing to sign permits.  This normally results in a bunch of people getting tickets for illegal gathering.

We will caravan to Denver after or during the 50th Anniversary of the Rainbow Gathering (Depending on if or when they start writing illegal gathering tickets).   Either way, will be headed to Denver!!!  Whether you are attending the 50th Year Rainbow Gathering or not, you are more than welcome to come and join us in Denver July 9-17.

Rainbow Gathering

Wondering what a Rainbow Gathering is?  This year’s Rainbow Gathering is celebrating the 50th anniversary of gathering together in National Forests (public land) with the aim of promoting peace around the globe. This is a diverse group from all different religions and counter-culture groups: hippies, deadheads, punks, train kids, vets, curious locals, community leaders,  and even a few naked people. They have no official leader and they do everything on consensus.  Basically, all you need is a belly button and camping gear to go.  There have been Rainbow gatherings with over 25K people.  No money is allowed but you can barter at the trade circle.  All kitchens serve free food and we focalize the Nomads Land/Jesus Loves You kitchen.


Were going to have so much fun parading around and spreading love, hope, and peace. We will be hugging everyone even the police (with their permission of course!) You can dance, walk, run, roller skate, skateboard, bicycle, motorcycle or drive your schoolies, tiny house or drive a float gently down the street. Don’t forget to bring your drum, instruments and dancing shoes.  There will be planned and spontaneous events happening daily.  Stay tuned for dates and times.  

  •  Everyone’s invited to wear prison uniforms, crazy costumes, or just come as you are.  Were looking to draw some attention to some serious issues.  Our voices are being jailed and we will be exercising our rights of free speech and peaceful assembly.
  • We will be organizing street teamsto pick up trash while simultaneously cleaning up the political landscape as well.  We want cities to start hiring the homeless and people in jail to pick up trash.  What if they get paid a fair wage and have money in there pocket when they get out of jail to make a new start.
  • Help us launch a tiny house village in Colorado and we will expand from there.  If you are down with the cause put up a tent in your front yard.  
  • This is a call to: Artists, musicians, DJ’s, sound/video engineers, roadies, dancers, activists, missionaries, pastors, lawyers, judges, police, politicians, conservatives, liberals, media warriors, hippies, hobos, hillbillies, and homeboys!!!! We are looking to gather people from every tribe, tongue, nation, class, and color. No matter who you are or where you have come from you are: Needed, Accepted, Loved.
  • We are looking for a diverse panel of judges for each debate!
  • Do you have a creative idea of how your community & city can make positive change? Come to our tour & share with us!

Focalize a show in your city or college campus

Start organizing a town square meeting, at your city hall. Let’s start gathering on the 1st Friday of every month or really anytime. Post your events on the Nomad Road Dawg. If you start getting traction please Invite the Free Speech Road Show to your city/event. Please post videos/articles and keep everyone informed on what’s happening in your city/state.


Come join the Free Speech Tour convoy. Just post our website on the side of your vehicle and start sharing with your friends. Please give directly to the Road Dawgs that have posted on the side of their vehicle. Your donations help fuel this mission.. There’s no nation like a donation, no city like generosity, kick down so we can get down the road! For bigger donations please send your pledge. Each location will have its LLC or non-profit organization.

FREE SPEECH Roadshow Tour Dates 

6/13 Leave Ashville NC

6/14-19 Bonnaroo Manchester TN  Volunteer to help raise $ for the convoy to CO National Rainbow Gathering. 

6/20 Nashville capitol to protest new law making camping a felony, in TN.  2pm-6pm-

6/21-22 Kansas City KA

6/24 Widespread Panic Red Rocks CO

6/25-7/8 Colorado National Rainbow Gathering 50th Anniversary 

7/9-14 Caravan to Denver Free Speech Roadshow Actions

7/15-17 String Cheese/Phil Lesh Red Rocks CO 

8/5-14  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally South Dakota Let’s bring some love and blessing to the Lakota People.  Free Leonard Peltier! 

Stay tuned for more dates. 

Nomad Road Dawg-Your Traveling Companion

  • NRD is a Scrollodex of where to stay and play while connecting you with fellow nomads. No matter how you travel, whether by foot, car, bus or train . . . . We can connect you with other like-minded travelers and ways to make your journey more affordable and fun.
  • Find purpose while you travel. Our organization helps you cross-pollinate with other travelers, places, spaces and ideas. From activist opportunities to making an income on the road, we can help guide your journey.
  • Start scrolling through Road Dawg Scrollodex and learn how to be a local wherever you go. Please join in on the fun and list your local business and events. Don’t forget you can come to buy sell, rent, trade or give something away.

Pay it Forward

Nomad Road Dawg is launching a pay It forward/dawgy bag incentive. Restaurants, businesses, and nonprofits are urged to start collecting donations.  You will be sowing goods and services to people in need. Imagine the hospitality and love being poured out in cities everywhere. Your patrons donate the money and your business gives away the goods and services to people in need.  You give away what’s been given. 

We also give $100 to the Road Dawgs that gets your business to join.  They get this every year your business signs back up.  To find out more check out the Nomad Road Dawg.

To become a Road Dawg it costs $20.  To get if for free you can volunteer for any nonprofit group or get knighted by a fellow Roaddawg, at roadside cleanup.  We are trying to make trash a commodity.  This is a win win for everyone and have multiple business options at

The Free Speech Roadshow is fueled by the Nomad Road Dawg site. 


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